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Renee Malone leads KQ Communications — a nationally recognized, boutique PR firm with offices in Memphis and Atlanta and clients across the Southeast.

If there ever was a time for leadership, the pandemic and post-pandemic era has been that occasion.

While creating a business from the ground up is challenging enough, the difficulties of the last several years has put to the test the organizational stewardship of even the most experienced founders and top executives.

For Memphis Business Journal’s next group of Women Who Lead, honoring the true entrepreneurial spirit that has driven this group to create established and successful businesses seemed to be another logical choice.

Also logical is highlighting the accomplishments of women who have broken through the glass ceiling and helped define their organizations.

Each woman chosen by MBJ’s editorial team has qualities that define leadership — from creating a pilot light for others in the barbecue competition field to innovating in data and research and on to fulfilling crucial health care roles and heading up a locally focused entrepreneurship group.

Within entrepreneurship, the 10 Women Who Lead honorees have vastly different companies and business models but all have stood the test of time, due in no small measure to the women whose vision, determination, and fortitude led to sustainable success.

Women Who Lead is an ongoing monthly feature in MBJ sponsored by Paragon Bank.

Renee Malone

President and founding partner, KQ Communications

Renee Malone serves as the lead collaborator for KQ Communications — a nationally recognized, boutique PR firm. With offices in Memphis and Atlanta and clients across the Southeast, she and her team support organizations and businesses that positively impact the communities they serve.

Without question, Renee’s greatest career achievement has been establishing and growing her company “with the support of a talented team of creative professionals.”

Together, they’ve implemented award-winning campaigns and advocate for diversity in their field.

With artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront of everyone’s minds these days, Renee notes that using AI tools, like ChatGPT, is the biggest industry trend.

“While innovation is critical to growth in any field, we’re all learning to creatively, yet cautiously, use AI to prevent the spread of misinformation and misrepresentation,” Renee said.


“My goal is to become an industry leader who helps to change the face of our field by encouraging other Black and brown students to seek communication-related careers. To authentically serve all people, our industry must do more to involve more diverse voices and perspectives.”

SOURCE: Memphis Business Journal